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Attractions in Ardrishaig

There is plenty to do and see, while visiting Ardrishaig, the area that surrounds the village boasting with history, housing castles, beautiful parks, standing stones, amazing scenery, also offering outdoor enthusiasts all kinds of entertaining sporting activities.

The Carnasserie Castle Ruin, in nearby Kilmartin, about 17 miles from Ardrishaig, is one of the "must see" attractions, when visiting the village. To reach it, take A83, toward Lochgilphead and just pass the village of Ardrishaig, then take A816, towards Oban, for about 16 miles, to the castle. Admission is free.

Inveraray Castle, home of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll is also worth checking out. The castle is open to the public, from April to October (opening times can vary). Here, history passionate visitors will see the famous Armoury Collection displayed, as well as beautiful French tapestries, and Scottish and European furniture.

To take a glimpse into history and see how things looked thousands of years ago, in the area, check out Kilmartin Glen valley, where you will see loads of evidence of the Ancient Kingdoms of the Scots, comprising more than 5000 years of history, featuring fascinating standing stones, stone circles and castles. To reach Kilmartin Glen, just follow the same road to Carnasserie Castle Ruin.

More history is shown at Kilmartin House Museum of Ancient culture, a well-known archaeological museum, with fantastic modern audio-visual and nteractive displays that take visitors on an authentic journey, back in time.

The Tarbert Castle ruins also represent a significant piece of history, dating, way back, from the 13th century, and are also great to watch and explore.


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