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Welcome to Ardrishaig Hotels! Ardrishaig Hotels is your online source to find all the necessary travel tools you need for your trip to Ardrishaig, Argyll and Bute, Scotland, UK, including car rentals, hotel reservations from, and many other useful travel tools for your trip to Ardrishaig, Scotland, UK, a place that boasts with history and appealing attractions.

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The Park Hotel

Glenmorag Avenue, West Bay

The Park Hotel is a 3-star, relatively small hotel, set within... more

Abbots Brae Hotel

Bullwood Road, Dunoon

A luxurious, small, 4-star hotel, with 8 fully-serviced, non-smoking... more

Esplanade Hotel

West Bay Promenade, Dunoon

Esplanade Hotel features nearly 60 rooms, with private bathrooms... more

Ardrishaig Hotels

The Cuilfail Hotel

Kilmelford, Kilmelford, Oban

A small, family-run inn, with 12 rooms with private bathrooms and television... more

Loch Fyne Hotel and Spa

Shore Street, Inveraray

Loch Fyne Hotel and Spa features more than 70 fully-serviced rooms, health, business... more

Glenmorag Hotel

Kilbride Road, Dunoon

More than 70 non-smoking rooms with private bathrooms and television... more

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About Ardrishaig

Ardrishaig, or "Rubha Aird Driseig", in Gaelic, is a lochside village, situated at the southern entrance to the Crinan Canal, in Argyll, west Scotland, UK. The village stands on the shores of beautiful Loch Fyne, immediately to the south of the town of Lochgilphead. In the 1970s, Ardrishaig was significantly altered, when its original houses and shops on the main street were demolished to make way for a car park.

Ardrishaig's history starts with the construction of the Crinan Canal, prior to the canal's construction, the village only having 4 small houses. Crinan Canal, once described as the "most beautiful shortcut in the word", was originally known as the Duke of Argyll's canal, and it was created to open up the West Coast and improve the access to the Western Isles, offering people a safe transit route from the village to Crinan.

After a long history of planning, financial struggles and improvements, due to the fact that Crinan Canal never became financially self-supporting, in 1848, the Caledonian Canal Commissioners took control over it, and managed to "make it work", today, the canal being no longer used to carry freight, its recreational value having considerably increased, being currently used by luxurious yachts and fishing vessels.


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